GRASP Laboratory - University of Pennsylvania
2013 Participants

2013 GRASP REU Site Participants

Mitchell Breitbart
Rising Junior in Computer Science
and English
Home Institution: Williams College
Faculty Advisor: Dan Koditschek
Postdoc Mentor: Dan Guralnik
Project Title: A Simulation Engine for a Memory Model for Autonomous Topological Mapping and Navigation
Karena Cai
Rising Junior in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Home Institution: Princeton University
Faculty Advisor: Dan Koditschek
Grad Mentor: Jeff Duperret
Project Title: Passive Hybrid Dynamics of a Flexible Spine Quadruped
Lizzie Halper
Rising Junior in Mathematics / Scientific Computing
Home Institution: Kenyon College
Faculty Advisor: CJ Taylor
Grad Mentor: David Isele
Project Title: Robotic Olfaction: Chemical Sensing and Analysis
Patrick Husson
Rising Senior in Computer Engineering
Home Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Faculty Advisor: Dan Lee
Grad Mentors: Alex Burka and Joe Trovato
Project Title: Localizing and Positioning Quadrotors Using Visual Fiducial Markers
Jean Mendez
Rising Senior in Computer Engineering
Home Institution: University of Puerto
Rico, Mayaguez Campus
Faculty Advisor: Mark Yim
Grad Mentor: Tarik Tosun
Project Title: Implementations of Kinematic Retargeting
Julie Ochoa-Canizares
Rising Senior in Robotics Engineering
Home Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Faculty Advisor: Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
Grad Mentor: Vivienne Clayton
Project Title: Electromechanical Design and Control of a Novel Cable-Based Gait Rehabilitation System
Best Presentation Award
Camille Ramseur
Rising Senior in Computer Science
Home Institution: University of South Florida
Faculty Advisor: George Pappas
Grad Mentor: Chinwendu Enyioha
Project Title: Automatically Generating Libraries in A Redundancy Network
Megan Tienjaroonkul
Rising Junior in Mechanical Engineering
Home Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Faculty Advisor: Vijay Kumar
Grad Mentor: Philip Dames
Project Title: Graphical User Interface for Simulations of Multi-Target Localization

2013 GRASP REU Site Resident Assistant (RA)

Yibin Zhang
Just Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Home Institution: University of Pennsylvania